General Litigation

Do you have a claim or a lawsuit to file against a company or an individual?  Have you been sued?  Let Broussard Dove represent you.  We have represented numerous clients in lawsuits in federal and state courts dealing with negligence, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, breach of contract, open accounts, detrimental reliance, unjust enrichment, defamation, lessor’s privilege, violations of the Louisiana Unfair Trade Practices Act and Louisiana Consumer Credit Law, enforcement of liens under the Louisiana Oil Well Lien Act and Private Works Act, and much more!



When most people hear the term negligence, they think of personal injury. However, negligence is a common legal theory of recovery in many other types of lawsuits. The legal definition of negligence is “the failure to exercise the standard of care that a reasonably prudent person would have exercised in a similar situation.” It is important to note in order to prove someone (or a company) was negligent you do not need to prove intent. In other words, you do not have to show that someone intended to cause your damage, merely that their actions, or inactions, were not what a reasonable person would done in a similar situation.

Breach of Contract

A contract is a binding legal document that obligates two parties to the terms contained in the contract. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, contracts were made to be broken. A contract can be as simple as a one page agreement to purchase a vehicle or a business acquisition consisting of hundreds of pages of legal documents and due diligence. No matter what the agreement, Broussard Dove can fight for you.

Open Account

An open account is a past due account where money is owed to a third party where no contract was in place.  For example, if Company A was hired by Company B to provide engineering services and no contract was entered into, Company A would have a claim against Company B for their services rendered under an open account should Company B fail to pay.  One great advantage under the open account statute La. R.S. 9:2781 is that an award of reasonable attorneys fees is possible if the demand is strictly adhered to.  Make sure you contact an experienced law firm like Broussard Dove to handle your open account claim and preserve your rights to a free lawyer!


Broussard Dove has handled collection cases representing individuals and businesses both on the plaintiff’s side and the defense.  This gives us a unique outlook on the strategies of opposing counsel.  For individuals, the Louisiana Consumer Credit Law offers great consumer protections from overly zealous collection agencies and law firms.   For businesses, the Louisiana Oilwell Lien Act, Louisiana Private Works Act, and Louisiana Public Works Act are invaluable tools to utilize to collect the money owed.  Contact us today to go over your options.