With yet another storm barreling down on us, a question we are hearing from homeowner clients is: “Do I have to pay another deductible for another hurricane?” The general answer is NO.

Pursuant to the Annual Deductible Law in Louisiana found at La. R.S. 22:1337 [click HERE to view the full statute], deductibles from insurance policies insuring a one or two family owner occupied home “shall be applied on an annual basis to all named-storm or hurricane losses.”  So if you have met your deductible due to damage sustained from Hurricane Laura, you generally would not have to pay a second deductible for damages sustained due to Hurricane Delta per the statute.

Please note an insurance contract is a legally binding private contract between you and your insurance company. It is important to obtain a full copy of your insurance policy from your insurance company to fully understand your rights. Every case will be different. It can take weeks before a copy of your policy is given to you after your request, so request it now.  Insurance polices can be extremely confusing, even for experienced lawyers. Be sure to question whomever you call on their experience handling property damage claims resulting from hurricanes. I’ve handled hurricane property damage claims for over 14 years and still see new insurance company tactics with each new storm.

More information of what to do when filing your claim or the process involved can be found HERE.


About the author: Sye J. Broussard is a Lake Charles native who went to ICCS, OLQH, and Barbe High School.  He currently practices law all across the I-10 corridor from Lake Charles to New Orleans. When not helping clients, Sye enjoys spending time with his family and inshore/offshore fishing.

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