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More than 60 days after Hurricane Laura ravaged Southwest Louisiana, a business owner in Lake Charles still had not received any money from its insurance company to repair the extensive property damage. The initial report from the insurance company left out countless damages and issues to the property that required immediate repair. We were retained and within 48 hours fired off our demand letter detailing the insurance companies mistakes and legal ramifications that would ensue. Within 2 weeks, the insurance company tendered the policy limits of $2,400,000!


Attorney Sye J. Broussard attended ICCS and OLQH before graduating from Barbe High School.  His loyalty to his hometown is unparalleled fighting for his family, friends, and community everyday.  Hire a charitable law firm that has and will continue to give back to our local area.  We have organized several food and donation giveaways and continue to raise and donate money to local citizens affected by the hurricanes.  We are all Lake Charles Strong!


The aftermath of a disaster can push may people over the edge. We know. We’ve been there. We have handled property damage claims resulting from hurricanes and hail storms for over 14 years assisting contractors, homeowners, and commercial clients.

We will take the time to review your policy and provide competent, cost-effective representations. Not every claim can pay the same legal fees. We recognize this and will custom tailor our compensation based upon your situation. We know you need as much money possible to pay contractors to repair your home or building to the condition it was prior to the storm.

Others have trusted us for years. Let us fight for you!

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LA Law Requires Insurance Companies to Act in Good Faith

Pursuant to La. R.S. 22:1982 [click HERE to view the full statute], an insurance company is required to initiate loss adjustment from Hurricane Laura claims within 60 days due to the 30 day extension authorized by the insurance commissioner in Emergency Rule 45.  Further, an insurance company shall make an offer to settle any property damage claim within 30 days after satisfactory proof of loss.  The penalty for violations of this statute amount to 50% of the amount found to be due from the insurance company to the insured.  The Louisiana Supreme Court has held the imposition of the penalty is mandatory and an insurance company cannot stonewall an insured simply because the insured is unable to prove the exact extent of his/her damages.

La. R.S. 22:1973 [click HERE to view the full statute] is another insured friendly statute that provides an insured penalties of two times the actual damages sustained should the insurance company act in bad faith.

It is important to retain an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable in this specialized area of law to maximize your claim. This is one of the few instances where Louisiana law allows for a claimant to collect attorneys fees if the attorney can prove the insurance company acted in bad faith.  This is a power tool in your arsenal to push back against your insurance company if they are not treating you fairly and are in violation of this law.

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Deductibles with 2 Named Storms

Pursuant to the Annual Deductible Law in Louisiana found at La. R.S. 22:1337 [click HERE to view the full statute], deductibles from insurance policies insuring a one or two family owner occupied home “shall be applied on an annual basis to all named-storm or hurricane losses.” Id.  So if you have met your deductible due to damage sustained from Hurricane Laura, you generally would not have to pay a second deductible for damages sustained due to Hurricane Delta per the statute.


Please note an insurance contract is a legally binding private contract between you and your insurance company. It is important to obtain a full copy of your insurance policy from your insurance company to fully understand your rights. Every case will be different. It can take weeks before a copy of your policy is given to you after your request, so request it now.  Insurance polices can be extremely confusing, even for experienced lawyers. Be sure to question whomever you call on their experience handling property damage claims resulting from hurricanes.  With 14 years experience handling hurricane and hail claims, Broussard | Dove has the experience to provide you with competent, cost-effective representation.

More information of what to do when filing your claim or the process involved can be found HERE.



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