Public & Private Financing

In public financing, you can gain funds easier than private financing. However, private financing offers you more flexibility in how you run your business. Talk to an expert to learn more about your options.

Terms you Should Know:

Investment banker – The banker that raises money for corporation or other entities.

Private Equity – Any capital not on a public exchange.

Bank Loan – A certain amount of money loaned by a bank with interest.

In solidoWhen a group of people have collectively borrowed the same object.

Personal Guarantee –  Documents lenders require business owners to sign that allows the lender to take the business if the loan isn’t paid off.

Joint and several liability – When multiple parties are held accountable for same loan.

Why You Need an Attorney

Rather seeking private or public financing, you should seek legal guidance to help explore your options. Contact the professional legal team at Broussard Dove Law Firm to help you.