You worked hard over the years to develop your craft and know your worth. From big to small movie studios, their lawyers and negotiators will not offer you your true value at first. They will try to short change you on your contract, even though you know your talent level and stature. On top of that, they might include complicated language in the contract to try and confuse you. Any well-accomplished director, actor or writer will tell you not to go into this battle alone.

Why You Need a Lawyer

“Entertainment law is not all about seeking redress for infringements. Experts in this aspect of the law can help clients negotiate new contracts, enforce existing contracts or get out of an inconvenient contract.  A smart entertainment lawyer is vital for people in this industry.  Get a competent and experienced attorney and you will have peace of mind,” explains

Such lawyers exist at Broussard Dove. Contact us to handle your industry contract needs.